RM Assessor System Check

Welcome to the RM Assessor System Check. This tool is designed to determine the suitability of your PC for marks return and on-screen marking using RM Assessor applications. The test is in two parts: a downloadable test and an internet browser based test. Please view our privacy statement for details of the tests performed.


1.  The first part of the test requires you to download a small piece of software which runs the test on your PC. It will automatically send back the results of the test.

2.  The second test then starts automatically on your Internet browser.

3.  Once tests have been run, the results will be displayed on screen.


You may like to print out these instructions before starting the test.

1.  Start downloading the first test by clicking here

2.  Depending on your operating system, click on "Run" or "Open" from the pop-up dialog screen.

3.  Some firewalls and browsers may state that you are trying to run an application from an unknown publisher. If you get this message it is safe to continue, so click "Run".

4.  The tests will now run automatically. The tests may take a few minutes to complete. Please make sure you keep your browser open whilst the tests are run.

If you experience any problems using this tool, please contact the RM ESM Helpdesk on 0330 333 6319